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The #1 Request From My Clients is for Dental Coverage

The top request by my clients that have put their health insurance in place is for Dental Insurance. In actuality what they are looking for is help with their dental costs. Dental Insurance is one of two types of plans I work with. The other are Discount Dental Plans. Even though it does not help pay your bills, a Discount Dental Plan may be more cost effective in helping you with your costs than traditional dental insurance. Let’s compare the differences and find something that makes sense for you:

Dental Insurance

Occasionally, I receive calls from folks that currently have dental insurance that remark that they are “paying more in premium than they get back in benefits.” This is a pretty common occurrence if you have good teeth and they stay that way!

For someone like myself, who who spends over $2,000 per year in dental care, an insurance plan works best even though the monthly costs are higher than a Dental Discount plan would charge!

Dental Insurance that you buy on your own may not be as comprehensive as what you had with your employer plan. Some Employer plans still pay as much 80% for MAJOR SERVICES like crowns, while plans you buy on your own will usually not pay more than 50% for MAJOR SERVICES.

Another win for a good Dental Insurance Plan is that the good plans I recommend are accepted by the majority of dental providers.

Below is a link that will allow you to shop for a Dental Insurance Plan. There is a search feature that will allow you to look for your dentist. If you cannot find your dentist, you can ask me to check for you, or pick one of the plans that does not have “network” in the name.

Discount Dental Plans

Discount Dental Plans are all about your bottom line. They offer significant discounts on all dental services. The premiums are much lower than traditional dental insurance.

A Discount Dental Plan may be better on your wallet than a traditional dental plan, even if you have lots of costs! The discounts continue no matter how much dental work you need in a given year. 

DENTAL INSURANCE has limits on how much it will pay each year.  Most plans are $800 to $1200. A DENTAL DISCOUNT plan won’t stop working when your costs get high. However, you might find with a Dental Discount Plan  that your provider may not participate. If they don’t participate and you don’t want to change dentists, then a Dental Discount Plan is probably not for you.   

There is a link below that will allow you to shop for a plan. There are two options you can check out: the Careington Plans and the Aetna Dental Access Plans. 

The Careington plans have the advantage over offering better discounts on services. The Aetna plan, however, has significantly more dentists participating.    

Both options will allow you to look at what the actual costs are and allow you to look-up your providers and enroll online!